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Prospective and clinical validation of ALK immunohistochemistry: Results from the phase I/II study of alectinib for ALK-positive lung cancer (AF-001JP study)

K. TakeuchiTakeuchi Takeuchi Takeuchi1, 2, Y. TogashiTogashi Togashi 1, 2, Y. Kamihara Kamihara Kamihara 3, T. Fukuyama 3, H. YoshiokaYoshioka YoshiokaYoshioka4, A. Inoue 5, H. Katsuki Katsuki KatsukiKatsuki3, K. Kiura Kiura 6, K. Nakagawa Nakagawa7, T. Seto 8, M. Maemondo MaemondoMaemondo 9, T. Hida Hida 10 , M. Harada Harada 11 , Y. Ohe 12 , N. Nogami 13, N. YamamotoYamamoto Yamamoto 14 , M. Nishio 15, T. TamuraTamura 16


Annals of Oncology Advance Access published October 20, 2015

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