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Clinical Characteristics of Patients with Advanced ALK‑Translocated Non‑small Cell Lung Cancers and Long‑Term Responses to Crizotinib (CRIZOLONG GFPC 05‑19 Study)

Lien : https://10.1097/CJI.0000000000000490

Télécharger : CRIZOLONG

Estelle Dhamelincourt, Renaud Descourt, Gaelle Rousseau‑Bussac, Hélène Doubre, Chantal Decroisette, Pierre Demontrond, Gwenaelle Le Garff, Lionel Falchero, Eric Huchot, Sabine Vieillot, Romain Corre, Laure Kazulinski, Acya Bizieux, Laurence Bigay‑Gamé, Hugues Morel, Olivier Molinier, Christos Chouaïd, Florian Guisier



Three-Year Overall Survival of Patients with Advanced Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancers with ≥50% PD-L1 Expression Treated with First-Line Pembrolizumab Monotherapy in a Real-World Setting (ESCKEYP GFPC study)

Lien : https://10.1097/CJI.0000000000000490

Télécharger : Article ESCKEYP

Chantal Decroisette, Laurent Greillier, Hubert Curcio, Maurice Pérol, Charles Ricordel, Jean-Bernard Auliac, Lionel Falchero, Remi Veillon, Sabine Vieillot, Florian Guisier, Marie Marcq, Grégoire Justeau, Laurence Bigay-Game, Marie Bernadini, Hélène Doubre, Julian Pinsolle, Karim Amrane, Christos Chouaïd, Renaud Descourt


Long-term effectiveness and treatment sequences in patients with extensive stage small cell lung cancer receiving atezolizumab plus chemotherapy: Results of the IFCT-1905 CLINATEZO real-world study

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Télécharger : Clinatezo

Lionel Falchero, Florian Guisier, Marie Darrason, Arnaud Boyer, Charles Dayen, Sophie Cousin, Patrick Merle, Régine Lamy, Anne Madroszyk, Josiane Otto, Pascale Tomasini, Sandra Assoun, Anthony Canellas, Radj Gervais, José Hureaux, Jacques Le Treut, Olivier Leleu, Charles Naltet, Marie Tiercin, Sylvie Van Hulst, Pascale Missy, Franck Morin, Virginie Westeel, Nicolas Girard


Venous thrombotic events and impact on outcomes in patients treated with first‑line single‑agent pembrolizumab in PD‑L1 ≥ 50% advanced non small cell lung cancer

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Télécharger : Thrombose_Esceyp

Hélène Doubre, Laurent Greillier, Grégoire Justeau, Charles Ricordel, Aurélie Swalduz, Hubert Curcio, Olivier Bylicki, Jean‑Bernard Auliac, Florian Guisier, Laurence Bigay‑Game, Marie Bernardi, Julian Pinsolle, Karim Amrane, Chantal Decroisette, Renaud Descourt, Christos Chouaid, Margaux Geier


Real‑World Treatment Outcomes of MET Exon14 Skipping in Non‑small
Cell Lung Cancer: GFPC 03‑18 Study

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Télécharger : Afoncemetdef

Hélène Babey, Philippe Jamme, Hubert Curcio, Jean Baptiste Assié, Remi Veillon, Hélène Doubre, Maurice Pérol, Florian Guisier, Eric Huchot, Chantal Decroisette, Lionel Falchero, Romain Corre, Alexis Cortot, Christos Chouaïd, Renaud Descourt1


Predictors of three-month mortality and severe chemotherapy-related adverse events in patients aged 70 years and older with metastatic non-small-cell lung cancer: A secondary analysis of ESOGIA-GFPC-GECP
08–02 study

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Télécharger : esogia2def

Sebastien Gendarme, Sonia Zebachi, Romain Corre, Laurent Greillier, Gregoire Justeau, Olivier Bylicki, Chantal Decroisette, Jean-Bernard Auliac, Florian Guisier, Margaux Geier, Charles Ricordel, Maxime Frelaut, Elena Paillaud, Christos Chouaïd, Florence Canouï-Poitrine


Safety and efficacy of second-line metronomic oral vinorelbine-atezolizumab combination in stage IV non-small-cell lung cancer: An open-label phase II trial (VinMetAtezo)

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Télécharger : VMAarticle

Alain Vergnenegre, Isabelle Monnet, Charles Ricordel, Acya Bizieux, Hubert Curcio, Marie Bernardi, Romain Corre, Florian Guisier, Stephane Hominal, Gwenaelle Le Garff, Olivier Bylicki, Chrystele Locher, Margaux Geier, Christos Chouaïd, Gilles Robinet, the GFPC team


Atezolizumab with or without bevacizumab and platinum-pemetrexed in patients with stage IIIB/IVnon-squamous non-small cell lung cancer with EGFR mutation, ALK rearrangement or ROS1 fusion progressing after targeted therapies: A multicentre phase II open-label non-randomised study GFPC 06-2018

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Télécharger : Article

Olivier Bylicki, Pascale Tomasini, Gervais Radj, Florian Guisier, Isabelle Monnet, Charles Ricordel, Laurence Bigay-Game, Margaux Geier, Christos Chouaid, Catherine Daniel, Aurelie Swalduz, Anne-Claire Toffart, Helene Doubre, Jean-Michel Peloni, Diane Moreau, Fabien Subtil, Jean-Michel Grellard, Marie Castera, Benedicte Clarisse, Pedro-Henrique Martins-Lavinas, Chantal Decroisette, Laurent Greillier on behalf of GFPC